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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gov. Benjamen Harrison

1. Hon. John Armistead m. Judith. AKA "The Councillor".
i Judith Armistead.

Some more information on this line on ROOTSWEB

Second Generation
2. Judith Armistead (1.Hon.1 ) b. of Hesse, Gloucester Co, VA, m. 1688, Robert "King" Carter, b. 1663, "Crottoman", (son of John Carter, Col and Sarah Ludlowe) d. 4 Aug 1732. Judith died 23 Feb 1699. Robert: King Carter, as he was called on account of his immense possessions, resided in his family seat "Crottoman", on the Rappahanock river in Lancaster county, VA. He was rector of William and Mary College and sustained that institution in its most trying times. He was speaker of the House of Burgesses and treasurer of the colony during reign of Prince William, Anne, George I, and George II.
i Elizabeth Carter b. 1680.
ii Judith Carter.
iii Anne Carter.
iv John Carter b. 1690.
v Lucy Carter m. Col. Henry Fitzhugh.
vi Mary Carter.

Third Generation
3. Elizabeth Carter (2.Judith2 , 1.Hon.1 ) b. 1680, m. (1) Nathaniel Burwell, (son of James Burwell and Anne Jones) d. 1721, m. (2) George Nicholas, MD.
Children by Nathaniel Burwell:
i Lewis Burwell.
ii Carter Burwell.
iii Robert Burwell.
iv Elizabeth Burwell.

Children by George Nicholas, MD:
v Robert Carter Nicholas.

4. Judith Carter (2.Judith2 , 1.Hon.1 ) m. Mann Page. Mann: Of Rosewell.
i John Page.
ii Mann Page m. Anne Corbin Tayloe, (daughter of John Tayloe and Elizabeth Gwynn (Lyde).
iii Robert Page.

5. Anne Carter (2.Judith2 , 1.Hon.1 ) m. Benjamen Harrison. Benjamen: Of Berkley
i Benjamen Harrison, Governor VA.
ii Anne Harrison m. William Randolph. William: Of Wilton
iii Elizabeth Harrison m. Peyton Randolph. Peyton: President of the First Continental Congress.
iv Carter Henry Harrison m. Susannah Randolph, (daughter of Isham Randolph and Jane Rogers).
v Brig.Gen Charles Harrison m. Mary Claiborne, (daughter of Augustine Clayborn).
vi Nathaniel Harrison m. (1) Mary Ruffin, (daughter of Edmund Ruffin) m. (2) Anne Gilliam, (daughter of William Gilliam). Speaker of the State Senate, Sheriff of Prince William County, 1779.
vii Robert Harrison d. 1771.
viii Daughter Harrison. Killed by lightening with her father and sister.
ix Female Harrison. Killed by lightening.

6. John Carter (2.Judith2 , 1.Hon.1 ) b. 1690, m. 1723, in VA, Elizabeth Hill, (daughter of Edward Hill IV) d. 1777, Corotoman. John died 31 Jul 1742, Corotoman, VA. Was a Barrister-at-Law (Middle Temple). AKA "Secretary" Elizabeth: Of "Shirley"
i Edward Carter.
ii Elizabeth Carter b. 1731.
iii Charles Carter b. 1736.

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