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Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'm a Mother!

May 25, 1965

We rented out the little house in back-- they have no furniture, so we have to buy it all. We got a mattress set for $26 and a refrigerator for $45-- both in good condition. The renters gave us a $100 dollar bill!

...The baby kicks and punches a lot, and has for quite a while. I can even see it on the outside. Usually when I'm lying down and trying to rest is when it decides to exercise. It turns around and rolls from one side to the other a lot. I've been going into the backyard to suntan some afternoons. I'll feel funny now with renters in the back. I am getting so fat. Sometimes I get so depressed, about nothing. I feel like sitting in the corner and howling, and I can't think of any reason WHY. I get lonesome sometimes.

A man just left who wants to sell us a water softener. He doesn't know we don't have any money! My washer and dryer both work good, only the water has to run out into the backyard. But it dries up fast. We still have to get so many things-- a crib mattress and pads and baby clothes, etc. Week after next I start working my 10 split trick. Only two more months to go. (I worked for Ma Bell as a telephone operator, the same job my mother worked at for twenty-five years in Inyokern).

August 20, 1965

They are getting even with me for those nice four days off. I'm working ten days in a row. Five to go. But there is one piece of good news. We're going to get our insurance after all. Some nice lady from Juvenile Hall gave us a lot of baby clothes, an infantseat, and a car bed.

(As it turned out, I didn't have to work those ten days in a row after all. Of the five days left, I only worked four. And it was a good thing the insurance kicked in when it did. The baby was born on the last day, three weeks early. Surprise, surprise. A BOY-- six pounds two ounces, 18 inches long. Marvin said he looked like Woody Woodpecker. I thought he was just beautiful! What d'you think?)



slickdpdx said...

And a very good one, too. Congratulations! (P.S. I think the year is wrong on the first entry.)

AnnieElf said...

I've been scrolling through your reminisences Peek and found so much in there that reminded me of my youth in the 60s in So California - Disneyland, the music, Leonard Cohen, Pasadena Playhouse dreams. It was a real pleasure looking back and isn't that a surprise, I ask myself.

Thank you for visiting my blog today and remembering George. I am so grateful to learn that you survived this horrible form of cancer. While there is life, we will never give up hope.

All my best,

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

What great memories. He was beautiful! xx, JP/deb

rebecca said...

oohhh, he was beautiful! and what a beautiful mama as well! nice to read your journal entries....it takes me back in time.

p.s. -- thank you for that lovely comment on my blog and stopping by....oh, and i'm 49!

rebecca :)

rick said...

he is beautiful and so are you. where is he now? these posts are great. thank you.

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